Heather and Ronnie Gibson
Original music is all that you need.

Funk To Faith Songwriters


Ronnie and Heather Gibson have been married for a long time. They have been writing songs since the day they met, with Heather writing the lyrics, and Ronnie writing the music as well as playing all instruments and producing their songs in the couples' low budget studio. Heather is an accomplished artist, as well as a poet. Ronnie has been a musician, songwriter, and producer for 25+ years. Together they produce unique songs of all genres.
Heather Whitley Gibson, born in Winnipeg Manitoba, grew up in upstate New York. She has been writing poetry and creating artwork all of her life as well as playing the piano growing up. She did her undergraduate, and graduate work in Fine Arts and Art History with a strong emphasis on poetry and philosophy. Heather founded two of the top progressive art galleries in Cincinnati, Ohio which continue to have a solid influence on the art scene. She still promotes the Ohio Arts and continues to exhibit her art, as well as writing poetry and song lyrics daily.
Ronnie Gibson is a songwriter, musician, and producer from Cincinnati Ohio. He has 25+ years of experience on the guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and mandolin. Ronnie has played in several bands in and around the Cincinnati Ohio area. As an independent songwriter, he has had continued success on various websites while receiving offers for his songwriting and producing talents. Although now taking a break, Ronnie continues to produce all original music in their audio workshop.
Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson continue to work as a team and branch out artistically in every way. Collaboration has provided a foundation that relies on accommodation and respect enabling a unique exchange of artistic values and techniques. They continue to benefit from each other's backgrounds while fine-tuning their unique songwriting.

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